Are hornbills trying to tell us something?

A pair of hornbills perching outside a shophouse at the top floor.

MUKAH: It is considered a great fortune or good luck if a pair of hornbills was to fly pass someone.

What more could it mean if hornbills came to perch nearby at the side of a shophouse here at Mukah New Township.

As mentioned, seeing a pair hornbills perching somewhere in town is very uncommon in Sarawak but not in Mukah.

However, the hornbill pair was not easily and usually seen perching or flying around in town here. Many people yesterday considered themselves lucky to have spotted the rare couple perched at the ledge a three-story shophouse here, on a man-made nest on the top floor.

It seemed that the birds could have been flying around in town for quite some time and decided to land at the side of the shophouse for a rest.

The hornbills also seemed to be quite tame and oblivious to the people and vehicles moving around below them.

Their presence could not be ascertained and whether the birds belonged to any owner or simply came to visit, nobody knows.