Army field hospital to help alleviate Kapit Hospital situation

Dewan Masyarakat Melayu, the location of the Malaysian Armed Forces field hospital in Kapit.

KUCHING: A team from the Royal Medical Corps has been deployed to Kapit to set up a field hospital.

This came following discussions between Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba and the Defence Ministry.

The 1st Infantry Division, in a statement on Tuesday (May 4), pointed out that Kapit Hospital had limited capacity, raising concerns in view of the increase in Covid-19 cases in the district.

“Kapit Hospital is facing difficulties accommodating the number of patients at given time.

“Elements from the Royal Medical Corps, 1st Infantry Division will proceed to Kapit in the first week of May.

“A recce team is already in Kapit to coordinate with local authorities. This includes movement for personnel and medical assets.”

The field hospital would assist Kapit Hospital in providing treatment for non-Covid-19 patients.

“This field hospital is similar to the one previously established in Tawau, Sabah.”

The field hospital would be set up at Dewan Masyarakat Melayu, about 5km from Kapit Hospital.