Army helps in setting up isolation centre

The army personnel setting up the double decker beds in the Kanowit Indoor Stadium. Photo: Ninth Infantry Brigade.

SIBU: The Malaysian Armed Forces (Army) through its Ninth Infantry Brigade assisted the local authorities in setting up an isolation centre for Covid-19 patients at Kanowit Indoor Stadium last Friday (Jan 22).

Implementing the works were the teams under the auspices of the Ninth Infantry Brigade, namely Third Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment, Ninth Royal Ordnance Corps as well as vehicle assistance from Ninth Royal Logistics Corps.

“A total of 30 double decker beds donated by Tegas Kesuma Sdn Bhd have been placed at the venue plus mattresses, pillowcases, sheets, and pillows donated by Junaco Park Camp,” said the military spokesperson.

In addition to carrying out the main task of the army in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty from the encroachment of outsiders, the army is also always ready to help the authorities and public agencies to work together in providing assistance to the community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

An army personnel attempts to bring two mattresses and hands them over to his colleague. Photo: Ninth Infantry Brigade.