Art for Heart: Platform to raise funds for the needy

Art for Heart founder Gerald Goh. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

KUCHING: Art for Heart (A4H) has established itself as a charity platform for fundraising activities with the goal of assisting the needy across the community.

A4H’s goal, according to its founder Gerald Goh, is to create a platform for charity-driven projects throughout communities, extending acts of compassion to the less fortunate through art and creativity.

“We want to provide more opportunities for artists while also encouraging them to contribute their art to help the needy community, in the hope that one day Sarawak’s arts industry would be filled with a diverse palette of talents with beautiful hearts and artworks.

“Our network also facilitates collaboration across art communities and institutions to support acts of kindness through artistic works,” he told a press conference after the launch of A4H charity platform by Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang at Batu Kitang Service Centre on Friday (Oct 8).

Goh, who is also the organising secretary of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Batu Kitang highlighted that the objectives of the platform were primarily focused on promoting and nurturing the meaningful act of charity through art, as well as assisting budding artists in beginning their journey through charity.

“At the same time, we hope to encourage the general public to engage in charitable activities wherever possible and to organise art charity events from time to time to raise funds for specific initiatives while devoting all proceeds to those in need,” he said.

Following the launch, he announced that two ingenious artists, Karen Sia, a freelance photographer, and Ng Paik San, a water colourist, would be the first to donate their artworks to charity.

“While the stated price was used as the base price for all 13 pieces of art (photographs and paintings), those who wish to donate more through the platform can actually raise the amount to meet their preference,” he added.

Members of the public interested in viewing or purchasing the artworks can contact Gerald Goh at 019 8165367 for additional information on the A4H charity platform.