Arzmy: Turn your network into your net worth

Receiving his certificate during Alta Moda Sarawak 2019

In a race between the rabbit and the turtle, as we all know despite being the slowest, the turtle won with determination whereas the rabbit lost due to its idleness. This story has been used multiple times as an example to portray success.

The same goes for any current industry, sheer determination and an astute attitude can bring anyone far within. And this has been the foundation of 30-year-old Arzmy Hargreaves since he started in the fashion industry in 2014. Having put networking as his priority, he said, “Regardless of how excellent you are in your business or how great your ideas are as a fashion designer, if you can’t expand your clienteles, potential investors or maintain a good relationship with people, you are doomed”.

Arzmy, being a graduate in marketing, advertising and public relation also mentioned that as a global networker, he believes the important aspect of a brand starts with self-branding. “In the days before social media, a professional’s sphere of influence was limited to the individuals they knew personally and interacted with. Now, anyone can develop a finely tuned personal brand and become a respected industry influencer, often with a large following of people they’ve never met.”

But why is networking important? Arzmy explained that networking is an essential soft skill. “Many individuals have attributed their personal and business success on their ability to network. Networking and the development of good contacts can generate a variety of opportunities”, he elaborated.

Arzmy behind the bench working on bespoke suits for his brand label Gavroche by Arzmy Hargreaves.

Challenges fashion designers faced today:

• Competition on prices

• Competition on awareness

• A flooded market where it is difficult to innovate

How to successfully market your product:

• Make the right product

• Figure out where your core customers are, and how to compel them to purchase your product

• Try to develop a repeat clientele

Best advice:

1. Believe in who you are. Believe in your own willpower, believe in your brand, believe in your product. Believe in yourself.

2. Focus on commitment, not motivation.

3. Seek knowledge, not results.

4. Make the journey fun.

5. Get rid of negative thoughts.

6. Get rid of distractions.

7. Have a vision and goals in life, where do you see yourself in 10 years.

8. Mingle with successful minded people. Note that the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.

Walking the runway with his model during the Alta Moda Sarawak on March 7 to 9.

Apart from that, the Gavroche designer also stressed that a rising entrepreneur must know their numbers, able to adapt, be on an open-mind, to be driven with ambition and also be inquisitive.

“You need to associate yourself with like-minded people in your field; surround yourself with good people, and ask for what you need. As you learn from your peers and the people who are better than you are, you will begin to raise your standards in your entrepreneurial journey. It is exhilarating to get up every day and learn how to be successful at doing something new,” explained Arzmy.

Nevertheless, success does not happen overnight and without perseverance. While he does not consider himself successful yet, Arzmy has yet to give up on his drive to success.

Recently, the classy menswear designer was recognised and nominated for the High Flyer Asia Award 2019, an award for young entrepreneurs of different industry. He was also involved in the latest high fashion show in Kuching, Sarawak — Alta Moda Sarawak, an event supported by the Ministry of Tourism Sarawak. There, he showcased his Gavroche Automne/Hiver 19 “Baroque” collection, portraying a royal and polished look.

After several years of being in the fashion industry, Gavroche has prospered into a bespoke menswear brand as compared to when the brand initially started with menswear essential accessories like pocket squares, lapel pins, and bowties.

With styling and grooming part of the Gavroche’s package, Arzmy concluded, “We used to be just an ‘accessories’ brand, but now we have transformed to overall outfit, styling, grooming and lifestyle of modern-day gentlemen. All-in-one on what it takes to be a well-mannered gentleman, in terms of dressing and also body language”.

For the best classy menswear look, head over to Gavroche Official Instagram page at @gavroche_official, and for more information how to look best, do contact Arzmy at 016-8976997 or email at

Arzmy can also be contacted for advice on networking and business opportunities.

With the trophy after the High Flyer Asia Award 2019.

Arzmy at the recent High Flyer Asia Award 2019 held in Kuala Lumpur on March 29.