Assemblyman checks on projects in his constituency

Sikie (3rd from left, front row) inspects one of the project sites.

MIRI: Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs, Datuk John Sikie Tayai, on Monday visited ongoing Rural Transformation Project (RTP) and Minor Rural Project (MRP) sites within his Kakus constituency.

He visited nine sites, of which five have been completed.

The RTP projects are land levelling for Rumah Gansa Daling, Sungai Tau, Ulu Anap (50 percent completed); road upgrading for Rumah Jeli at Sungai Muput (completed); site levelling for Rumah Jelia, Jalan Sangan Merit; upgrading of Rumah Tedung at Jalan Sangan Merit, Rumah Jampi at Jalan Merit; and site upgrading for Rumah Rawing, Mejau (completed).

The MRP projects are at Rumah Pandong in Kakus (completed); road upgrading for Rumah Enjan Gos, Nanga Biban, Tatau (completed); and upgrading of a road at Rumah Dickson Pedas, Jalan Tatau Sangan (completed).

Sikie, who was accompanied by Acting Tatau District officer Calvin Ligong, Bintulu Public Works Department assistant engineer Ngu Tue Hua, said that every constituency received from the state government RM1 million per year — given in two stages — to help improve the living condition and well-being of low-income households.

“In Kakus, for example, the allocation given to each door of the longhouse to help them to purchase construction materials is between RM2,000 and RM2,500,” he said.