John Ilus inspecting the road.

SERIAN: Upon hearing about the plight of Taman Pasir community here concerning their need for an access road to be tar-sealed, Bukit Semuja assemblyman John Illus took steps to assist them.

John, who hopes their ‘team spirit’ would prevail and continue on into the future, acknowledged the hard work of the community for taking the initiative to solve their own problem.

He congratulated the Pasir Housing Community’s chairman, Chai Nyuk Chong, for being able to bring his people together to take care of the road.

He also praised the people for being able to work with all the authorities as well as their representative to further provide convenience and comfort for themselves.

John’s concern over the stretch of road made him check it very regularly as he wanted the community to have a shorter route that is safe.

The tar-sealed road will make for a safer and smoother journey for Taman Pasir community.

Unable to get repairs for an access road to their residential area as it is on a private land, residents of Taman Pasir led by Chai himself took it upon themselves to spread gravel to improve the potholed road.

Taman Pasir, which has 400 houses, has only one entrance/exit.

The completion of the Serian Interchange 1 flyover had cut off the right turn for drivers going to Serian Hospital or Kuching, resulting in a gravel road being constructed behind Unaco supermarket bringing relief and convenience to Taman Pasir folk by cutting down travel distance by three kilometres to Kuching.