At least 4,000 food baskets issued for Mas Gading constituents

The food baskets being packed at the distribution centre.

KUCHING: The Mas Gading parliamentary service centre is targeting to distribute at least 4,000 food baskets to constituents.

Mas Gading MP Mordi Bimol said the value of each food basket is estimated to be about RM70 including logistical costs.

“Prime minister on June 28 agreed that an allocation of RM300,000 is channelled to each MP for the implementation of the food basket programme.

“The initial target is to distribute 3,000 food baskets with a value of RM100 each. This however is not enough to meet the needs of about 108 villages or areas under the Mas Gading constituency.

As such, the value and list of items for each food basket need to be changed accordingly, the MP pointed out.

“This is to cater for the needs of the people in Mas Gading and most importantly to reach more recipients,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Mordi said with the value set at RM70, the programme at the very least is expected to reach an extra 1,000 recipients in the constituency.

“Although the value rate for each food basket is reduced, we will ensure the quality and quantity of food items in each food basket is reasonable.

“At the Mas Gading service centre, we will make every effort to provide the best for the local constituents.

“We hope that we can channel the RM300,000 allocation entrusted on us to the people of Mas Gading fairly and reaching those in need accordingly,” he said.