Attempts by 38 illegal immigrants to enter Sarawak foiled

Some of the illegal immigrants caught by the army for attempting to cross into Sarawak. They were promptly ordered to return to their country of origin.

KUCHING: The Malaysian Armed Forces have thwarted attempts by thirty-eight illegal immigrants to enter Sarawak since Apr 8.

A spokesman for the First Infantry Division said all the illegal immigrants have since been deported to their country of origin.

He revealed that around 5pm last Friday, a patrol team in Lubok Antu caught eight Indonesians — seven men and a woman, walking along a rat trail towards the border. The patrol team immediately ordered them to turn back.

He said the largest single group of illegal immigrants comprising 11 Indonesians including a nine-month-old toddler was intercepted in Tebedu at 7pm on Apr 12.

“They were promptly detained for inspection before being ordered to return to their country,” the spokesman said.

It is understood that various reasons and tactics used by illegals to sneak into Sarawak, are due to the difficulties they faced at home especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic as well as to look for jobs.

The military spokesman assured that the army would remain committed to shoulder the responsibility of conducting ‘Ops Benteng’ to curb illegal immigrants sneaking into Sarawak as well as cross-border criminal activities.