Attitude will help graduates succeed, says academician

Professor Dr Ambigapathy Pandian

KUCHING: The degrees that graduates obtain from universities are just passports that reflect their knowledge, said Professor Dr Ambigapathy Pandian.

The Dean of Faculty of Language and Communication, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) pointed out that the graduates’ success depended on their attitudes.

“With the right attitude, they will be able to update their knowledge and skills as required by the employers. After all, the universities’ role is knowledge production or knowledge creation together with the students.

“Upon graduation, the students should have acquired the skills to be independent and be able to adopt or adapt to the nation’s needs.

“Life never stops teaching so learning is continuous. Therefore, it is not possible for universities to prepare ready-made graduates for the needs of the Industry,” he said.

Commenting on the capability of graduates to create jobs for themselves using their newly acquired knowledge and skills, he said it was possible if the graduates had the right attitude.

“The graduates can only help themselves. For example, when we say ‘if you are thirsty, I can give you water but I cannot drink it for you.’

“To me, we make the graduates thirsty and they will find water for themselves because they are thirsty. So, rather than give the graduates the water, we make them thirsty,” he explained.

Ambigapathy added that graduates would not face challenges if they could adapt to a situation.

“In conclusion, attitude is important. Everyone has a degree but your attitude will help you to be successful.

“On top of that, for those who are creating jobs, the government can provide them financial support for matters such as setting up the business, farming, tuition centres etc,” he added.

Recently, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) lecturer Prof Dr Jayum Jayan said the days of graduating and having a job waiting in the wings had long passed.

Graduates, he said, must attempt to create jobs for themselves using their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

“Universities are not responsible for preparing graduates for employment. Rather, their mission is to impart knowledge and skills while also exposing the students to the outside world so that they are prepared to navigate the challenging reality,” said Jayum.