Avoid Lanang for time-being

Vehicles on Jalan Lanang.

SIBU: Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) coordinator Dr Annuar Rapaee advised the public here not to visit the Lanang area for the time being following the surge of Covid-19 cases there.

The Jalan Maju Cluster and Bulatan Aman Cluster recorded numerous cases on Sunday (April 11).

“The areas I’m talking about are Jalan Lanang-Bulatan Aman-Jalan Maju. These areas are very dangerous and risky at the moment.

“Avoid visiting these areas,” said Dr Annuar, who is also Assistant Local Government and Housing Minister, on Monday (April 12).

According to the Assistant Education, Science and Technological Research Minister, out of the 83 cases reported in Sibu on Sunday, 41 were related to the two clusters.

“Discussions were held with the Sibu Division Resident last night (Sunday) to find a solution or decide on further action.

“Sibu DDMC will present a proposal to the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee immediately for approval,” he said, declining to reveal further the decision that had been made.

The Nangka assemblyman revealed that most cases involved workers in the manufacturing sector, tenants in shop lots and workers living in factories in the Lanang area.

He did not rule out the possibility of cases living outside the Lanang area that had caused the virus to spread to other zones, especially the Tiong Hua zone.

“The whole Lanang area is the issue now. Covid-19 patients are mostly related to the Bulatan Bukit Aman Cluster and the Jalan Maju Cluster.”

Monday’s quick survey of the Lanang area covering Jalan Maju and Bulatan Aman revealed a very different atmosphere, with traffic slower and less than usual.

Both roads are the main routes into the town centre.

Jalan Maju relatively quiet than usual.