Avoid ordering food during heavy rain

A food delivery rider delivering orders to customers despite raining.

KUCHING: Miri residents are urged to be considerate to food delivery riders and avoid ordering food during heavy rain.

Miri MP Dr Michael Teo said the riders are prone to danger particularly road accidents during the rainy season.

“I am very sympathetic to the food delivery riders and I would like to ask Miri residents to avoid ordering food during the rainy season.

“If there is no choice, I ask the caring people of Miri to always be patient with the delivery of food even if it is late, especially during the rain and always appreciate the good spirit of those who serve the people,” he said on Thursday (May 6).

He observed that heavy rains have often occurred in Miri of late and to some extent affecting community activities.

Dr Teo (right) with a food deliveryman

“Apart from this, the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet subsided causing many to take safe measures by ordering food from home or office using the available food delivery applications,” he said.

Dr Teo said he recently met with a food deliveryman who continued to deliver food for the people despite being soaked wet due to heavy rain.

“Since the beginning of this month, I have donated bike helmets and face masks to food deliverymen.

“May they always reach their destination safely. For me, they are also frontliners because they continue to serve the community despite the outbreak of Covid-19.

“Let us always pray for them and remember to always thank them when the food ordered has been safely received,” he said.