AXA AFFIN Life Insurance to be female-friendly agency network

KUALA LUMPUR: AXA AFFIN Life Insurance embraced the fact that working women’s need have changed considerably in the new era and is now extending an array of unique benefits within the agency network to its female agents.

With the ambition of being the most female-friendly agency network in Malaysia, AALI welcomes female from all walks of life to embark on an insurance career with them.

The major benefits such as first insurance company in Malaysia to offer maternity benefits to its agents, financial incentive given to new female agents, and women networking opportunities within the company were introduced.

Regardless of whether one is a fresh graduate, stay-home mum or a retiree, AALI is ever ready to equip its agents with the right skills and knowledge via an Agent Development Programme.

Outstanding female agents will also be exposed to a Learning & Expedition trip overseas with financial incentive and a chance to visit some of AXA’s offices around the globe.

Emmanuel Wehry, Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer of AALI said, “We want to play a role in empowering women to continue pursuing their career even after starting a family.

Hence, we are introducing these female-friendly benefits and we hope to roll out more in the future. Deep respect and admiration to women in the modern society for wearing so many hats. We hope that these benefits will wheel out a balance for them to juggle between their professional and personal life to a great extent”.

“AXA AFFIN Life will be the first insurance company in Malaysia and Asia to offer 8 weeks of subsidized income during the maternity period to its agents. We want everyone to feel good in their work, do more and live better. As the agency platform is the main distribution channel, we want to have this competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best talent”, he added.

High-performing female agents will also stand a chance to star in the Recruitment Video series as seen on AXA AFFIN’s YouTube and Facebook channel.

Female related workshops such as image transformation, self-defence and financial planning will be a regular feature to engage interactively with its agents.

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