‘Aye’ to lockdown to control virus spread

KUCHING: As the number of Covid-19 cases surges nationwide, the question of whether the government will impose another lockdown to flatten the curve is being asked once again.

While many parents welcome the scheduled commencement of the new school session on Jan 20, students are preparing themselves for the possibility of online learning for yet another year. 

They support another lockdown to break the Covid-19 chain of transmission.

On Sunday (Jan 10), Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) declared Sibu and Kuching as red zones with the recording of a total number of 1,275 cases in the state.

Local Government and Housing Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian has warned that Sarawak was in the midst of its most dangerous period since the Covid-19 pandemic started in March last year.

New Sarawak Tribune managed to get students to share their thoughts on the matter.

Mohd Daniel Eshsaq Abdullah

Mohd Daniel Eshshaq Abdullah, university student

Another lockdown will definitely affect all sectors, especially education, but it must be done in the red zones. I think most of us miss attending physical classes because online learning can be challenging.  Face-to-face teaching and learning sessions continue to be relevant regardless of the advancement in technology.

Francis Barnabas Abot

Francis Barnabas Abot, university student

Although I am concerned about the difficulty of returning home if another lockdown is imposed, I believe it must be done to reduce the Covid-19 cases in our country. I hope assistance such as provision of essential items will be given to students who are staying on campus if there is another lockdown.

Trinity Bungan Tajang

Trinity Bungan Tajang, high school student

A lockdown seems to be the most logical method to flatten the Covid-19 curve as it had proven to work in the early stages of the pandemic in Malaysia.  I am fortunate to be living in the city so I have the means for online learning. However, I am concerned about students in the rural areas as they will have a harder time catching up on their studies and staying motivated.

Deandra Faith Dublin Unting

Deandra Faith Dublin Unting, high school student

It will certainly be a challenge if another lockdown is   imposed but it is necessary to significantly reduce the number of Covid-19 cases and chain of transmission. I hope that the government can look into providing solutions to ensure that learning activities can continue as there are those who face inadequacy of materials and facilities for online learning.