Aziza Aznizan – From on-the-ground to top of the charts

Photo alongside Aiman Affif — an Instagram influencer who did a remix of her song, ‘TwentyTwenty’ with her.

Activist and philanthropist Aziza Aznizan returns this year with a new achievement under her belt. Staying at home in 2020, Aziza turned to music and released four songs. Two of her singles managed to claim the top spots in Cats.FM’s and Hitz.FM’s music charts.

Highlighting love, life and social issues

The year has changed everyone as many had spent plenty of time to reflect during the global lockdown. As for Aziza Aznizan, the founder of humanitarian organisation Paint The World (PTW), the pandemic has put a halt to her plans since the beginning of the year.

A photo with the Ministry of Works, Dato Seri Fadillah Yusof.

But little did she knows, the months had changed her. From being an activist and philanthropist, Aziza turned a new page and began her new journey as a singer. Aiming to be an all-rounder ever since she was young, the 24-year-old set her eyes on the music industry, and at the same time delving in business, charity and politics.

With plenty of time on her hands, Aziza began writing her first single ‘Twentytwenty’ right after releasing her ‘PKP Raya’ song in June. “I made ‘Twentytwenty’ because I had so much free time and figured, why not? Through the song, I wanted to highlight social issues regarding racism, discrimination against refugees and Islamophobia. But I decided to do it in a ‘fun’ way,” she said.

The song was produced together with her friend from Barcelona, Marti Farre Sauri, and featured her cousin, Fitri Mohamad. Aziza said that it is still in the running for Top 10 Cats Xposed music charts on Cats. FM.

Wanting to try something new before the year ends, the bubbly lass released two more songs after ‘Twentytwenty’. “The second single was called ‘Running Out of Time’, a collaboration with Ahmad Ammar from Negeri Sembilan. Marti helped us with the beats and instruments,” Aziza added.

With them brown girls featured in ‘TwentyTwenty’ — Viviana, Aziza, and Maryanne.

Her latest single, ‘Darling, Don’t Tell Me’ managed to grab the number one spot in Hitz FM’s Borneo English Top 10 list. “The song featured my friend, Chase, a singer from Omani and it is based on our friends’ experiences with their love life.”

As a newcomer in the entertainment industry, Aziza plans to release her first album next year. “It will be out on March 2021. The album is produced with Chase. It will be a compilation of a slow song, Afrobeats, upbeat and other genres which I will be exploring throughout.”

No regrets

Ever since she was in school, Aziza recalled she would come up with songs randomly to help her memorise things. She even made a song for the periodic table of elements during Chemistry class just so she could remember all the elements.

With students from Roghinya refugee school where she volunteers. The children also joined her in her ‘TwentyTwenty’ music video.

“I also often sing for events at my school. And during weddings, I would often grab the microphone and sing my heart out. I just love singing and I would shower for long hours to have my own bathroom ‘concert’,” she jokingly revealed.

Passionate about her hobby, the Ikon Belia Sarawak 2018 also stressed that it is important to have no regrets as we age, “I would rather say, ‘been there, done that’, instead of not doing anything.”

Aziza, who hails from Miri, also said that there are many things that one can try and it is important to do it while we can. “Don’t take your youth for granted! I always motivate myself, and think that failure is just another step towards success. Once you’re not afraid of failure, nothing will stop you from pursing anything.”

Aziza’s recent appearance on TVS The Jay C show.

“You shouldn’t procrastinate. Don’t say you’ll do it next time. Usually, there won’t be a next time. When I was in Europe during my studies, I was so lazy to make the extra effort to go out of my comfort zone. I should’ve saved some money to travel across the continent. But now, I’ve missed out on the opportunity.”

Aziza Aznizan.

However, she made up for it as she managed to save enough and travel the African continent. She was advised by many not to visit ‘dangerous’ countries such as Tunisia and Morocco. “But I ignored it and went ahed. I’m so glad I did as I ended up loving them so much, made new friends, memories and learned so many things. I also realised that they are nothing like what people or the media perceived them to be.” After she graduated, Aziza returned to Malaysia having zero regrets.

With so many plans ahead, Aziza said she does not want to waste any time as she continues to make a difference. Speaking on her involvement with PTW, she is currently collaborating with Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisca Luhong and Women Rise to host numerous events in the upcoming months.

Among the issue the activist wanted to highlight is the refugee affairs in Malaysia. Aziza and Francisca both had recently launched a fundraiser for 18 refugees families in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

As for her singing career, she plans to continue to make music in different genres, especially Reggaeton and Afrobeats, which Malaysians are not used to.