B40 parents to dig deep for face masks

Used face masks being dried inside a car for short-term reuse.

MUKAH: From Aug 3, most parents will have to spend extra money on face masks for their children following an order on the compulsory use of face masks issued by the government effective Aug 1 due to an increase in Covid-19 cases lately.

This may be not so good news for parents with low income who are in the B40 category.

Like it or not, parents would have to spend money on face masks for their children considering the fact that health is more important.

For example, if there are three school-going children in a family, the extra amount of money spent on face masks is estimated (3×5 days x RM1.20 per piece) at RM18 weekly for a five-day period, based on a piece a day usage.

In one month, the estimated total expenditure on face masks would be (RM18x4 weeks) RM72.

If both parents also regularly wear face masks for a five-day period, the estimated amount would be (2xRM6) RM12 weekly and (2xRM4) RM48 monthly.

In total, the amount spent by parents with three school-going children is estimated (RM18+RM12) at RM30 weekly and (RM72+RM48) RM120 monthly.

For parents with irregular low income, the amount to be spent on face masks is “food for thought” amid health concerns for their children.

Most poor parents would certainly be happy if there is any sort of assistance in order to lessen their financial burden.