Baby product hacks: Making life a little bit easier

Having little ones around can be exciting, but at times it can be exhausting and overwhelming too. Therefore, parents often find themselves looking for different methods and products to ease the burden. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers provide baby-friendly products to help overcome the struggles and challenges faced by parents.

Clever inventions to help parents go through everyday routine

If you have kids, you are already a master of ingenuity. You know how to make things work in ways that they weren’t necessarily meant to. However, taking care of babies and toddlers can be a hassle, especially when your child is picky and fussy. What’s even more challenging, is when you have more than one child. To help parents cope with the struggles and challenges to complete daily tasks and routines, numerous brands have come up with innovative ways to ease the hardship. 

360° snack bowl.

360° snack bowl

Snacks are a big part of children’s meal, but then again, children tend to be clumsy. Especially toddlers who have yet to develop strong motor skills. To them, holding things properly can be a difficult task. But with a 360° snack bowl, the rotating mechanism allows toddlers to carry the bowl everywhere, in every direction, and 99.9 percent of the time, it would not spill over.

The funniest thing happened when I introduced my toddler to the bowl. She felt so insecure whenever she carried the bowl around, that she had to hold down the rotating part to avoid it from moving. But the blessing of this invention is that I did not have to worry about cleaning after the spills.

Snack cup

Snack cup.

My toddler likes to watch the television while munching on snacks. And when I first stumbled upon this snack cup, I thought it was a clever idea. The ‘cup’ also doubles as the cover for the bottle, and it is deep enough to fill a nice portion of snacks inside. 

Since the bottle itself is huge, the amount of liquid you can fill in is sufficient for your little one to enjoy munching on snacks without being thirsty. As an adult, I thought that this idea is groundbreaking, and I would love to have one for myself, adult-size of course. What’s great about the cup is how you can put snacks together with your drink, without the hassle of packing them in a separate container. 

Suction tableware.

Suction tablewares 

With children, messes are unavoidable. They can be clumsy or naughty, one or the other, as their motor skills have yet to fully develop, or they sometimes spill food on the floor just because. The mess that they make ended up as another cause of stress for parents who are already busy. Hence, some household companies decided to help ease the pain and put suctions on cutleries and tablewares made for children. 

The product is popular these days as companies compete to create the best. From bowls to plates, this type of tableware will stick on many surfaces to avoid naughty hands from knocking them over. There are also suction plates made of silicones for toddlers to eat from.  

Anti-knock cup. Photo Credit: Eve

Knock-proof cup

Like the suction tablewares, the knock-proof cup also serves its purpose to avoid spills from clumsy hands. A knock from the sides will not stop it from standing tall, however, unlike the suction tableware, the anti-knock cup can be easily lifted. 
This will save the embarrassment of clumsy toddlers while also encouraging them to be more confident when handling objects. It is suitable for toddlers above18 months and it is works like a charm to avoid messy mealtimes. 

Non-spill cup

Non-spill cup.

For toddlers who have yet to grasp the concept of drinking from cups, the non-spill cup is the better option. With a top cover to avoid spillage, the cup holds all liquid from falling out, even when it is turned upside down. 

The downside, however, was that my daughter took some time to understand the concept as it was a little bit unusual. It’ is almost like a sippy cup, but it requires a little suction force in order for the liquid to exit the cup. However, once she understood the concept, she drank from the cup like a champion. 

This cup though is suitable for babies starting solid to about 18 months old. It is also great to improve your child’s feeding skills and even give sensory input. The product is a great help during weaning and feeding time.  

Food catcher bib. Photo Credit : Google

Food catcher bib

Once a baby reaches six months and above, it is usually time for them to try solid food. There are three types of solids — porridge, puree or through the baby-led weaning method. Either way, this signals the beginning of a mess — food dropping on the floor.

The food catcher bib helps minimise spills when your toddler practises having meals. When children try the baby-led weaning method, they are using their unsteady hands to pick up food and transfer it into their mouth, and more often than not, it will end up on the floor rather than the former. But with the food catcher bib, spills will go into the bib instead of landing on their pants or the baby chair.