A customer accessing the VAO platform.

KUCHING: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam) encouraged their customers to experience its newly enhanced virtual service platform, Virtual Account Opening (VAO).

VAO provides convenience to customers by just filling an e-form on its website, instead of the traditional time-consuming account opening procedure.

Once the completed form is submitted, customers need to visit the preferred Bank Islam branch and skip the queue to complete the verification process.

It also includes Bank Islam’s Basic Saving Account, Qard Saving Account and Al-Awfar Investment account.

VAO QR code

“This virtual account opening initiative aims to bring greater convenience and value to customers, while at the same time shaping the future of banking,” said chief executive officer (CEO) Mohd Muazzam Mohamed in a statement today (July 26).

The bank has received an average of nearly 2,000 account openings through the platform every month since being launched in February 2018, thus reducing queues and over-the-counter account openings.

In another development, the bank will be introducing a non-face-to-face feature for the account opening process in VAO to bring added value and attract new customers.

This new feature targets to garner an increase in customer sign up via online and is expected to go live as early as the third quarter of 2020.

“Through VAO, Bank Islam is keeping abreast with the demands of our customers and today’s digital trend. Hence, we are constantly innovating to revitalise customer centricity initiatives, making banking services for our customer simpler, smarter and more flexible. It is important as the world is adapting to the impact of Covid-19,” Muazzam said.

“Encouraged by the support received from the market, the Bank is developing a seamless account opening via our GO by Bank Islam mobile app soon,” he added.