Batang Lupar Bridge — keenly awaited by locals and motoring public

An artist impression of Batang Lupar Bridge.

By Noor Syahhira Hady & Alverdtekoster Anyap

SEBUYAU: The construction of the Batang Lupar Bridge is keenly awaited as its completion will boost the local’s economy.

The 4,844-metre-long bridge is said to be the longest river crossing bridge in Sarawak and Malaysia.

Construction work has begun and it is expected to be completed in four years’ time.

“The bridge will help not only the locals but all Sarawakians to shorten their travel distance.

Hasli Yahya

“In a way, it can be an expressway for road users who need to go to Triso from here and vice versa,” said the Simunjan District Council chairman Hasli Yahya.

“I am sure that when the bridge is completed, more and more people will be using this route to travel as the bridge will shorten their travelling time,” he added.

Hasli also suggested that the government build a rest and refreshment (R&R) area near the bridge.

“Building a rest area not only will benefit the road users but it can also help boost the economy of the locals can set up stalls selling food and drinks.

“With the infrastructure and development happening around here, there are many things that can be developed for the town and around it in the future,” he added.

Abang Josmani Abang Jemali

Meanwhile, Simunjan District councillor Abang Josmani Abang Jemali said the bridge is a necessity to the people who live in the coastal areas.

“The bridge is necessary as it connects one area to another. This will ease the movement of traders.

“Supplies can then reach their destination faster as the travel distance is shorter once the bridge is completed.

“As a local councillor, I would like to express my gratitude to the state government for constructing the bridge,” he said.

Mafisah Jaafar

Mafisah Jaafar, a local resident in Sebuyau believes that the Batang Lupar Bridge will greatly benefit the locals.

“There will be a lot of people passing through the bridge when it is completed. I am sure that the road users will stop by Sebuyau Town.

“The business of the locals here will boom as visitors would want to find a place for them to rest and get refreshment after a long journey.

“Aside from the bridge, I hope that the government will build a petrol station nearby here. Motorists would need to refuel their cars eventually and I believe that Sebuyau is a strategic place for them as there are no petrol stations around this area.

“Once the bridge is completed, I am sure that a lot of people would be travelling along this route, so having a petrol station will help ease their worries on the need to refuel before continuing with their journey,” she added.

Sabtuyah Abu Bakar

A forty-eight-year-old local named Sabtuyah Abu Bakar agreed that the bridge will boost the economy of the locals.

“With the bridge being built, I hope that there will be a place or area near the bridge for the locals to start their business.

“With a trading area, travellers will be able to stop by and buy food, drinks, fruits and many more before continuing their journey,” she said.

The current progress of the Batang Lupar Bridge.