Batik cake passion now thriving business

Sulastri Jeffry looks no further than her kitchen for ways to turn her batik cake making skills into a thriving business.

Sulastri Jeffry, 30, began a small business during the month of Ramadan this year and has been able to sustain it to this day.

According to her, she began her business in 2018 by supplying her homemade batik cakes to her relatives’ stalls during the fasting month.

“Because of the rising cost of goods, I spent a lot of money early on in the business.

“However, this unwavering work has paid off, and many people are now aware of it,” she told Suara Sarawak.

Sulastri said the products she sells are also known through word of mouth from customers who have bought from her.

“I currently sell three types of batik cake — milo chocolate, horlick, and matcha, and I plan to add more flavours in the future.

“I’m solely interested in selling batik cakes because it’s something I’m passionate about,” she added.

In addition to her own knowledge, she acquired a lot about the science of baking cakes through YouTube.

“Initially, I conducted this business on my own before being assisted by my younger sister Suliasari Jeffry, 23.

“My sister is more focused with the advertising and marketing chores in order to expand the existing business,” she added.

Sulastri operates the batik cakes business solely from home as she has yet to find a suitable venue.

“The batik cakes I sell range in price from RM20 to RM45, depending on the size ordered by the customer.

“Apart from being a popular choice among people from all walks of life, Sulastri batik cakes are frequently given as gifts on special occasions,” she added.

She said that in order to attract buyers, she regularly posts her products on social media.

“My greatest issue is that I need to be able to manage my time well due to the fact that I have children who need to be monitored.

“This includes serving a diverse range of consumers,” she said.

She said that she operates on a daily basis based on the quantity of cake orders placed by customers.

“To guarantee that the order is properly managed, I recommend customers to order three days prior to the delivery date.

“I provide delivery services in and around Kuching, as well as postal delivery to customers outside of city,” she added.

She hopes that her batik cakes business will grow and that she would eventually be able to open her own branch store.

For more information and bookings, visit El Jeffry (Facebook) or xubatikco (Instagram), or call 019-7305213.

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