Mimi Zulliadila (left) said batik is catching up with both men and women.

KUCHING: That colourful flowered fashion “Batik” is back this Hari Raya.

Wandering around Majma Mall in Jalan P Ramlee here yesterday, the New Sarawak Tribune discovered that Batik is making a comeback at boutiques and fashion outlets.

Whether it is on Baju Kurung or Baju Kebaya or men’s apparel like Kurta, batik is coming back in all sorts of designs.

Kait’s boutique assistant, Emily Diana.

At Kait’s booth, there is an abundance of Batik clothing waiting to be discovered. Kait’s boutique assistant Emily Diana, 35, said customers are showing a preference more towards comfortable outfit with batik designs that not only look modern, but are also elegant, graceful and stylishly loud.

“This year, many boutique owners and fashion designers are filling racks with batik clothing that are perfect for any occasion.

“Women don’t seem to be interested in ‘bling’ designs but prefer something that is convenient for everyday wear and Batik seems to be the answer,” Emily said.

She said in the past, women loved elaborate, flashy designs but that does not seem to be the case for this year.

A woman admiring some of the clothes on display.

“But not anymore, it seems. Somehow people are avoiding heavy embellishments. Besides, most women are busy these days, be it at home or at work. These are people who are opting for clothing that’s good for all occasions, so to speak.

“Kurung, Kebaya or Kaftan, women now want them simple but true to form,” she said, adding that Kait’s Raya collection reflects that classic timelessness.

A wife going through several Baju Melayu for her husband.

Meanwhile, Mastuli Khalid, a home-grown fashion brand founded by Dayang Fatma Dewi Mastuli Abang Khalid (or Dewi for short), is offering Desa Raya as its Raya 2019 Kurung collection.

Designed around a theme of mountains, Desa Raya Kurung comes in four differing variations and colours – Gading Kurung, Santubong Kurung, Sejinjang Kurung and Serapi Kurung.

“This season, our designs are drawn from nature…the mountains and flora and fauna.

“Desa Raya is even more feminine than our previous collections. It is classic, simple and practical especially for mothers with children. Convenient and flexible is the in-thing now,” said the 32-year-old mother.

She said Gading Kurung and Santubong Kurung were selling like hot cakes and quickly went out of stock just a few days after being introduced.

“I am trying to get new stock in so as to not disappoint clients,” she added.

Another boutique owner, Dyg Rosnah Abg Drashid, agreed with Dewi’s emphasis on quality material, comfort and trendiness.

“Older women prefer simple and loose outfits with darker colours while still being fashionable, while young adults and teenagers love to wear loud, striking colours,” she said.

Mimi Zulliadila (left) said batik is catching up with both men and women.

A worker at Aniz Collection boutique, Mimi Zulliadila, said Batik apparel has become a trend not only for women, but also men.

“I seem to notice many men are looking through our Batik department.

“The great thing about the batik of today is that they come in all colours and designs. Prices are very competitive, too. People are spoilt for choice,” she said.

According to another sales promoter, Norizan Ason, 20, the Baju Melayu is still the Sarawakian male’s first choice.

Batik is not only for adults; it is for children too.