Bawang Assan folk lament lack of development

The dilapidated pedestrian bridge in dire need of replacement

SIBU: People of Sungai Rassau in the Bawang Assan constituency here have lamented the lack of development in their area over the last 25 years.

They are requesting relevant parties to help them get basic amenities such as roads, water and electricity.

Salim Unang

Community leader Salim Unang said Sungai Rassau, which is located about an hour and 30 minutes by river transport from Sibu, had nine longhouses, two schools, a kindergarten and a church – home to a population of over 1,000.

“This is how it is in Sungai Rassau; everything is lacking – water, electricity, roads and telephone coverage.

“After 25 years we have been waiting for development, but to this day it is still a dream,” he said when met by New Sarawak Tribune’s Bahasa Malaysia paper Suara Sarawak here on Wednesday (Oct 28).

Salim said the condition of their longhouses was also poor and repairs were needed.

“The question is who wants to help us. Who do we expect to do all this? No one…we seem to be neglected in development when we have applied for it many times before.

“This Rassau area can be said to be one of the poorest in the Bawang Assan constituency. We are still lagging behind in terms of basic supplies and infrastructure. We are still dependent on river transport.”

He said pedestrian bridges that connect to longhouses as well as schools, kindergartens and churches were also in dilapidated condition, adding that they should be replaced or repaired.

“As a representative of Sungai Rassau, I appeal to the relevant parties or the government to do something for us here.

“We feel marginalised from enjoying the fruits of development. I am not being political but merely seeking compassion and speaking on behalf of our people in Sungai Rassau.”


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