Be careful! Illegals might be carriers

KUCHING: Sibu folk are urged to be wary of illegal immigrants as they might be carriers of Covid-19.

Education, Science and Technological Research Assistant Minister Dr Annuar Rapaee said there are six Covid-19 cases involving illegals at Sibu’s immigration depot recently.

He added that a notable instance of illegals being carriers was reported in December last year, whereby four Indonesian women fled to Kalimantan after testing positive for Covid-19 in Sibu.

“What we are worried about is that when they enter (Sarawak), they are not being quarantined. We also don’t know if they are positive for Covid-19.

“We have to be very serious about illegal immigrants as we are currently worried about the Covid-19 Delta variant.

“Our current (Covid-19) situation is better than the past six to eight weeks. We don’t want that (Delta variant outbreak) to happen,” he said in a livestream on Saturday (July 10).

Dr Annuar pointed out that a sudden surge of Covid-19 cases would spoil the anti-pandemic efforts in Sibu.

“At the very least, we will be able to maintain the current trend of Covid-19 and possibly even return to zero Covid-19 cases,” he said.

The Nangka assemblyman added that the authorities are trying to prevent daily deaths as well as prevent high number of cases which would cause hospitals to be overwhelmed and economic activities to be restricted.

“I thank the people of Sibu for their cooperation in fighting against Covid-19. Let us work together to ensure Sibu is safe.

“That is our ultimate aim — we do not have other agendas in mind,” he said.