Be creative, innovative to compete globally

KUCHING: Local industries have to be creative and innovative to compete globally, stressed Sarawak Business Federation president Datuk Abang Karim Tun Openg.

“We have to be productive and cost-effective,” he added in his speech when officiating at the Productivity and Innovation Camp at Riverside Majestic Hotel here yesterday.

“This is our focus in Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) but this promotion of productivity should not be shouldered by us alone.

“Government agencies and the private sector have to be part of the process. It is also crucial for managements to adapt to new ideas. Mindsets must be dynamic and not trapped in the past,” he said.

Abang Karim also stressed that aggressive and innovative training programmes must be undertaken for Sarawakians to be competitive in the market.

Abang Karim

“The state government is trying to establish such programmes to encourage young people to be innovative and creative. This is an ongoing process of training and we have to acknowledge the intensity in which we are trying to promote creativity and productivity.

“This is where we need close rapport and collaborations between the federal and state agencies as well as the private sector.

“We are fortunate that the state’s training sector is competitive, Sarawak has invested heavily on upgrading the facilities so that the state can keep up with the increasingly demanding and sophisticated global market.

“Technology has also improved vastly and we have to keep pace with it. For example, look at how the smartphone industry has improved in terms of applications.

“Nowadays, China is leading in terms of technological advancement because it spent a lot on research which is backed by the government. Hence, Sarawak should not lag behind but try to improve its technology.”