Be fair to coffeeshop owners

Hii Hiong Siu

SIBU: Be fair in issuing compounds to all coffeeshop operators if customers violated the standard operating procedures (SOPs), said Sibu Divisional Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners Association Deputy General Affairs Officer Hii Hiong Siu.

He requested for consideration from enforcement officers on the difficulties faced by coffee shop operators as some of them faced problems dealing with irresponsible customers.

“We always advise customers to comply with the SOPs when visiting the coffee shops but some do not heed our advice and eventually, they are compounded and also cause coffeeshop and restaurant owners to be compounded as well.

“It is very easy for people to say that we do not advise customers but what will happen if customers suddenly turn aggressive and do not ignore the advice. We have no other choice,” he said here on Saturday (Sept 11).

According to Hii, the issuance of the RM10,000 compound to any coffee shop operator due to the negligence of customers in violating the SOP was unfair.

“As coffeeshop operators, we can only give advice but we cannot arbitrarily evict customers. That contradicts our principles,” he said.

Hii explained that, as traders, they accepted any customer without knowing his/her personal characteristics.

However, he commended the authorities for implementing strict enforcement in ensuring everyone would comply with the SOPs.

“This must be carried out more frequently. We need authorities to help us. However, we hope our role is understood and please listen to our explanations before issuing any compounds.

“The RM10,000 compound is a big burden for us, especially during this pandemic. Although a 50 percent discount is given, which is RM5,000, it is very difficult to find that amount of money based on our current business situation,” he said.

To help coffeeshop operators deal with negligent customers who violated the SOPs, he said that the association had asked the Sibu Municipal Council to consider the matter.