File Photo: Bernama

KUCHING: As the house of cards falls onto 25-year-old Aida Nabila Mohamad Ghazali, who lost five family members to Covid-19 and with her father on life support, her appeal to the public is to be honest about their travel history.

Aida’s case is particularly moving as her once healthy family was infected by the virus following a case of deceit by her aunt’s colleague, who returned from Italy and ignored the 14-day stay home notice (SHN).

The colleague, referred by the Health Ministry as patient 1,580, had infected Aida’s aunt who lives with Aida’s grandmother and three other siblings.

The grandmother, along with the aunt and an uncle, together with two distant relatives succumbed to Covid-19 in Kuching last month.

Her grandmother, according to Aida, was admitted to a private hospital with pneumonia on March 16, passed away on March 18 and tested positive for the virus two days later.

On March 18, her aunt and uncle, who lived with her grandmother, were both tested positive for Covid-19, prompting the entire family and relatives to be brought to the hospital for screening.

Aida’s aunt (patient 1,032) and uncle (patient 1,006) also died due to the virus on March 21 and 23 respectively.

“All in all, a total of 37 people, including myself, tested positive for Covid-19,” Aida was quoted as saying by online news portal MalaysiaKini, adding that the number largely comprised her family members and relatives.

The four not related to the family are a colleague of Aida’s father and his two children, who attended the grandmother’s funeral and that of patient 1,580.

She said to date, 10 of her family members are still warded at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), including her father Mohamad Ghazali Abd Rahman, who is fighting for his life on a ventilator.

Some 20 others, including her, are now at a quarantine centre in Kuching.

“I want everyone to be honest and responsible when giving information. And I want everyone to follow whatever that has been ordered by the government.

“Those who have travel history, be responsible and quarantine yourselves. The others just stay at home. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the frontliners for risking their lives to save ours,” she told the news portal.

Citing what happened to her family as a test from God, Aida hoped for the best in the recovery of her remaining family members, adding that while she held no grudges on patient 1,580; all she wanted was for her family to be healed.

“Especially my dad, I just want my family to be healthy again. Pray for the other Covid-19 patients as well. I really hope this will end soon.”