Be wary of disruptive sentiments in social media

KUCHING: The public should be wary of racial and religious sentiments posted on social media which could disrupt unity and harmony in the state.

Samarahan MP Rubiah Wang warned that such negative sentiments could divide the people according to race and religion as was happening in certain states and elsewhere.

Rubiah delivers her speech during the Gawai Raya Stakan celebration held at the Imperial hotel.

“There are sentiment issues based on race and religion being spread by certain parties which use the social media in their campaign.

“We have to be cautious of this sort of narrative as it could ruin our unity and diversity of the people,” she said at a Gawai Raya Stakan event held in a hotel here yesterday.

Rubiah said the celebration of Gawai Raya exemplified the multi-racial diversity and unity that Sarawakians uphold.

“This Gawai Raya where we celebrate two different festivals together truly manifests our unity in diversity and harmony which should be an example to states in West Malaysia,” she said.