Beadwork to cope with pandemic

Ina makes accessories upon customers’ requests.

KUCHING: Although the Covid-19 pandemic has affected handicraft businesses, it did not stop Ina Sendar, 43, from pursuing her business.

The housewife from Kapit said she utilises various social media platforms to introduce the products that she sells.

Ina said she has been involved with the handicraft business since 2018 with the help of her relatives.

“My business offers various types of beaded handicrafts such as necklaces, and other accessories as well as several other products, following customers’ demands,” she told Suara Sarawak.

She said the price of the craftwork is based on their types and shapes — according to the customers’ wishes.

Ina’s relatives who have helped her in her business venture.

Uniqueness of Craft

“So far, the response from customers has been encouraging because they love the quality and uniqueness of the handicrafts I produce and I usually will always come up with new patterns to attract customers,” she said.

Ina said the prices for her craftwork are set from RM50 to over RM700, depending on their shapes and sizes.

“There is no denying that this pandemic is affecting the business industry at the moment. However, with the exposure to the digital world among the public, many are more comfortable and confident now in online transactions,” she added.

She also expressed relief that this business, which at first was just for fun, has given her a lucrative income. She now can help her husband support the family.

“At first, I did this just for myself and it did not occur to me that many of my friends like it.

“They started to order my craftwork and from there, I started opening my work for booking,” he said.

Ina using one of her craftwork.

Source of livelihood

Apart from being a source of livelihood, Ina said her beaded handicraft business also meets the demand of customers who want attractive and high-quality craftwork.

“Currently, I am operating at home because I do not have a shop yet.

“I also provide delivery service to customers and use express postal service for customers residing outside of Kuching,” she added.

Ina also said she received orders from customers throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Always striving to improve on her weaknesses in the digital platform business and compete with other merchants, Ina said she dreams of owning a shop with her own branded craft one day.

For those who want to check out Ina’s craftwork, visit Ina Sendar Collection’s Facebook or call her at 016-8793545.