Befrienders receives more calls on mental health issues

Vice chairperson of Befrienders Kuching, Kelly Lee.

KUCHING: Mental health cases might rise significantly if there is still no proper measure by the government to address this issue, said vice chairperson of Befrienders Kuching, Kelly Lee.

“There has been a surge of calls received by the Befrienders centre ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, and it has been worrying,” she said.

“Most of the callers shared with us their troubles in regards to unemployment issues and financial concern,” she said.

Lee also added that due to the restriction of the movement control order (MCO), they have not been able to operate as usual.

“Our Befrienders Kuching phone line is halted for the time being, but our email is still active and responding as usual.”

She urged members of the public who are suffering from mental problems to acknowledge their issues and further seek professional help in this time of need.

“They do not have to necessarily share their stories to us, but they need to be proactive in trying to get better through seeking necessary treatment,” she said.

“They should not cope alone in silence as we are always here to help,” she added.