Behind the PH curtain in Mambong

Sanjan Daik


While many are still mulling where Datuk Dr Jerip Susil will fit in the picture in Mambong in the next state election (PRN12), Pakatan Harapan (PH) supporters are equally confused who might be given the PH ticket to contest in this controversial constituency.

Will N19 Mambong be represented by DAP or PKR?

In the last state election in 2016, both DAP and PKR could not come to a compromise on the seat. Both stood on their own party platforms and were soundly defeated by Dr Jerip, the BN direct candidate.

Sanjan Daik

DAP was then represented by Sanjan Daik, an English lecturer at Batu Lintang Teacher Institute who opted for early retirement to contest the seat while standing under the PKR flagship was Willie Mongin, an IT engineer.

In GE14, DAP gave way to PKR in P198 Puncak Borneo to allow for a one-on-one clash with the BN candidate, with the understanding the latter would give way to the former in Mambong come PRN12.
Mongin won Puncak Borneo and Sanjan is now pining his hope that PKR won’t renege on its promise in Mambong.

However, new local political developments are always unpredictable and who will finally get to represent PH in Mambong in PRN12 is not for Mongin or Sanjan to decide. The party top guns might have a different agenda.

Meanwhile, both Sanjan and a PKR aspirant by the name of Diog Dios are getting ready for Mambong. Sanjan is Benuk boy while Diog is Git boy. Both villages are only 12km apart.

Ironically, both were English lecturers at Batu Lintang Teacher Institute before Sanjan opted for early retirement in 2016. Diog is also ready to go for early retirement should he get the nod to stand in Mambong.
Both have impressive academic credentials. Besides having a master degree in TESL from UTM, Sanjan has a law degree from London University.

Diog obtained his master degree in TESL from UiTM and is expecting to complete his Phd in TESL by next year.

But Diog has a slight advantage where age is concerned: he is only 52 years while his senior colleague is 58.
Both have made a pledge — whoever between them is selected to carry the PH flagship, there won’t be any hard feelings; one will help to campaign for the other.

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