Abdul Karim (left) speaks to the press as Datuk Julaihi Narawi looks on. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

ASAJAYA: The proposed five phases of roads to be constructed in the Beliong Peninsula will allow for bigger economic opportunities for people in and around the area.

Asajaya assemblyman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the roads would connect all the villages in the Beliong Peninsula.

He revealed that all five roads would differ in costs with the first phase costing roughly RM28 million, which also included land acquisition costs.

“For the second phase, it will cost RM2 million, the third phase RM80 million, the fourth phase RM1 million and the fifth phase will cost around RM12 million.”

He said this during a press conference after visiting the Tambirat-Beliong ferry ramp site together with Assistant Infrastructure and Port Development Minister Datuk Julaihi Narawi, here on Monday (Oct 19).

Abdul Karim added that the construction of the five phases of roads would also complement the soon-to-be-built Tambirat-Beliong ferry ramp and the provision of ferry services in the area.

“So that is why my hope is for the road construction on the Beliong Peninsula to be simultaneous completed if possible, together with the ramp as well as the expected completion of the ramp.

“We do not want the ferry to ferry cars to the other side when there is no road for the cars. Thus, there must be coordination in this area.”

However, Abdul Karim also noted that the construction of the road would most likely take a longer time to complete as it covered five phases.

“But the one that will be immediate is the construction of a road connecting Kampung Beliong and Kampung Beradik nearby.

“The only consolation is that along all these areas, there are existing bunds built a long time ago.

“And I believe it is on this bund that the road can also be constructed. It has always been like that in Samarahan where roads are being constructed on bunds.”

Meanwhile, Abdul Karim, who is also Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, said there was a historic Buddhist temple located in Kampung Beliong.

He elaborated that the temple had been an attraction for about 30,000 tourists every year from places such as Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“I believe with the construction of this road and ferry service, it will facilitate visitors to visit the Beliong temple.”