GABEM Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Rahim Tamby Chik, (seated centre),other guests and participants chanting ‘1Malaysia’ at the end of the programme.
VIPs at the function (from left) Abdubrani, Khalik, Rahim, Jasmil and Musa.

MUKAH: The local edition of the Bumiputera Economic Patriotism Consolidation Programme (BEPCP) on Wednesday was participated by about 500 students and lecturers from the institutions of higher learning (IPTs) here.

This programme has attracted some 10,000 participants throughout the nation since its inception in 2010.

They comprised the lecturers and students from institutions of higher learning comprising universities, polytechnics and community colleges.

According to Federation of  Malay Economic Bodies(GABEM) Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Rahim Tamby Chik, the programme had been held at twenty universities in Malaysia.

Rahim, a former Melaka chief minister stated this at the press conference held in conjunction with BEPCP at  UiTM Sarawak Mukah Campus (UiTM Mukah), here, last  Wednesday.

GABEM Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Rahim Tamby Chik, (seated centre),other guests and participants chanting ‘1Malaysia’ at the end of the programme.

“Based on the reaction from the participants thus far, we are confident the objective of inculcating the spirit of patriotism towards the nation through consolidating the economy would be met especially in improving the Bumiputera ownership in the national equity,” he said.

With the positive reactions from the participants, he said, he believed the gap  of ownership between Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera would be narrowed.

UiTM Mukah Assistant Rector, Haji Khalik Haji Ibrahim (2nd right) receiving a momento from Rahim at the programme.

“Based on the statistics of this national equity ownership in 2010, the Bumiputera that make 65 per cent of the population only control 22 per cent of the total economy, while, the Chinese comprising only 25 percent of the population, control 46 per cent of the national economy,” he said.

In his keynote address earlier, he attributed that gap to the positive  and appealing characteristics and mentality of the Chinese community that prefer to move in a team and assisting each other in business.

“Not only that they are willing to share the information and experience on business opportunities, they are also not stingy to assist the new entrepreneurs among the community which should be made as a good example for Bumiputera who wish to succeed in the endeavour. And for the Bumiputera on the other end, the spirit of envy still haunts some of us and we are so far off the idea to assist or to share like what has done by the Chinese community,” he added.

Other than that is the mentality of the Bumiputera that always want to see their children to be employed instead of being self-employed, Rahim said.

“This mentality of working especially in the public sector is still very thick among the Bumiputeras.  For that the paradigm shift should happen to ignite the spirit of seeing entrepreneurship as the way if we wish to meet the target,” he added.

He pointed out that the government has targeted 30 per cent of the national equity for Bumiputera especially since the introduction of New Economic Policy(NEP) but was not achievable until now.

“We should accept the fact that the government had come up with  policy of special rights for the Bumiputera, but after 54 years of the introduction of NEP in 1970, our performance has not changed much. And of course we hope that aspiration would achieve by the year 2020 and that effort would not end there with the transformation of the Bumiputera economy undertaken by the government,” he said.

On the program hosted by UiTM Mukah, Rahim was overwhelmed with the response and considered it as the biggest participation ever and believed it would augur well for the effort of producing disciplined, progressive and dynamic young entrepreneurs.

It  was jointly organised  by GABEM, Ministry of Higher Learning, Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera(TERAJU), Student Entrepreneurship Council for Malaysian Universities(MAKMUM), Malaysian University Leadership Training Council(MAKLUM) and UiTM Sarawak.

Staged at the hall of UiTM Mukah,  Dewan Sri Balau, the one-day programme was officiated at by UiTM Mukah Assistant Rector, Haji Khalik Haji Ibrahim, who represented  UiTM Sarawak Rector, Prof. Dato Dr Jamil Haji Hamali.

Among those present at function were  GABEM General Manager, Datuk Jasmi Haji Ghani,  Mukah Polytechnic Director, Haji Abdubrani Yunus,  UiTM Mukah Business Management Faculty Study Centre Head, Mohamad Musa Bohari, and an Administrative Officer from Mukah Resident’s Office, Seroji Bin Ludin.