Razaili seen at an event in Pusa recently.

PUSA: Students in Beting Maro in need of financial assistance to further their study at any institutions of higher learning (IPT) can claim their assistance from their assemblyman Razaili Gapor.

According to Razaili, the RM300 one-off assistance has long been implemented in his constituency and will continue to be provided in the future.

“Although the amount is not large, it has certainly helped ease the financial burden of students who need money to buy air ticket, personal items, books and so on.

“Providing this incentive can help motivate students too,” he said when met by reporters here recently.

Students who wish to seek such assistance are advised to bring a copy of their offer letter to his office.

In addition to this one-off assistance, Razaili also provided a special reward for outstanding students who obtained 8As in any public examinations.

The assemblyman also helps families in the event of a death.

Razaili seen at an event in Pusa recently.