Hii (second right) presenting Dr Mohamad with the medical clogs.

KUCHING: Industrial supply company Pansar has supplied healthcare front-liners with medical clogs as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

Pansar sourced for medical clogs that complied with required standards and gave them to staff of Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), Sibu Hospital and Bintulu Hospital.

In a statement yesterday, Pansar said the long hours spent by medical frontliners standing could be harmful to their back, legs, and feet when shoes don’t provide effective support.

“It is important to wear medical clogs that are specially designed for doctors and nurses operating in this environment, especially during this pandemic period,” the company said.

Sibu Hospital acting director Dr Mohamad Ng Siah Huat, who received the clogs from

Pansar head of management services Alexander Hii, said other than comfort, there was also an important health and safety factor associated with the medical clogs.

“These clogs, when used in isolation wards and operating theatres, reduce the risk of droplets being carried and transmitted elsewhere.

“As the material is not absorbent in nature, whatever droplets can be washed off and the clogs easily sanitised, unlike shoes made from fabric or other materials that are absorbent,” Dr Mohamad said.

He was also glad that with these clogs, medical front-liners need not wear the same shoes at work, back to their homes.

“They can change into these clogs and use them at work. And when their shift is over, they can clean and sanitise the clogs and leave them at work.

“That way they further minimise the possibility of bringing any unwanted contaminants back to their homes,” he said.

Other than the clogs, Pansar has also donated an ultrasound machine to Sibu Hospital’s intensive care unit and disinfectants for Bomba’s sanitising exercise.

This is as well as coordinating and providing logistical support for personal protective equipment (PPE) production for the hospital.