Better internet access for public library soon

Kadir Jamil

MUKAH: The state government’s plan to provide internet connection for the public library of Dalat-Mukah District Council (MDDM) is expected to be implemented next year.

MDDM walikota Kadir Jamil said previously there was internet service at the library using Wi-Fi, but it has been disconnected due to problem of poor access here.

He added he was not sure why it was disconnected, but assumed that the contract with the internet service provider (Danawa Resources) had been terminated.

“There has been plan (by the government), perhaps next year, which will be implemented by the state’s Ministry of Local Government and Housing,” he said when visiting a site for the proposed permanent fruits stall located at the old town here on Thursday.

He was asked whether there was any possibility for the MDDM Public Library here to be connected with internet.

Nevertheless, the internet service at the village library in Oya and Balingian near here are still operating, he pointed out.

According to him, internet service is under community development section of the ministry, which pays the bills.