MIRI: Improvements have been made to the handling of outpatients at Miri Hospital’s specialist clinics effective yesterday.

For example, patients are advised to adhere to the date and time of their appointments and they are to enter the clinic through the front lobby half an hour ahead of their appointment.

Each patient entering the clinic is allowed to be accompanied by one person only.

“Miri Hospital is a Covid-19 hybrid hospital. For the safety of all, rules for visitors and visitations are still in force. The public are asked to comply with them. Child visitors are also strictly prohibited,” the hospital management said in a statement issued yesterday.

While appreciating the fact that its patients face difficulties due to changing norms, Miri Hospital is committed to preventing the spread of Covid-19 within its premises.

“Therefore, people are advised to cooperate to break the chain of Covid-19 infection.

“Our healthcare professionals are duty-bound to help those who have problems at the specialist clinic,” the statement added.