Beware! Bogus officers on the prowl

Datuk Aidi Ismail (left) and the viral message warning the community to be aware that there is a group of people robbing homes while impersonating as government officials.

KUCHING: Police have advised the public to be cautious and not open their homes to unknown individuals acting suspiciously.

Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Aidi Ismail gave the advice following a viral message regarding a group of people impersonating as government officials calling at homes in the city.

The group’s modus operandi is to inspect the residents’ identification documents (IDs) for election purposes. After doing so, the group would immediately rob the household.

Aidi however said police have not received any report on such incidents.

He assured that if there was any operations carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the police would usually be informed in advance.

“My advice is for everyone to be careful when approached by unknown individuals.

“Do not open your door as long as they do not show an identity card. If in doubt, call the nearest police station for help,” he told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

The content of the viral message stated that there is a group of people going to homes and pretending to be officials from the Home Affairs ministry.

“They have documents with the letterhead from the Department of Home Affairs and claimed to be checking on voters’ registration for the upcoming elections.

“They are robbing homes. Take note there is no initiative like that from the government. Send this to your neighbourhood group chats,” the message read.