Bid to take own life foiled

Members of the public trying to calm the woman down.

MIRI: Members of the public managed to save a woman, believed to be a Chinese national, who attempted to drown herself in the sea at Lutong beach on Wednesday morning.

Some 10 people including food and beverage traders in the area pulled the woman out of the water to safety. 

According to eye-witnesses, the woman, in her 20s was earlier seen clutching a knife and running towards the sea after exiting an e-hailing cab.

“At first I thought she was going to take a selfie at the beach, because normally people would take photos along this area, but then, I saw her running non-stop and dived into the sea… I felt something was not right and I immediately alerted other traders,” said one of the traders at the Lutong Beach who wished to be known as Hajijah.

She said the woman was seen arriving at the beach in a cab around 10am.

Lutong beach is situated 7.6km from the city centre.

Upon seeing the woman running suspiciously towards the beach, the public immediately alerted the police.

A mobile police vehicle (MPV) soon arrived at the scene.

It is believed that the woman was having relationship problems with her husband, after he allegedly refused to let her see their daughter.

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