Big hopes for Sarawak 10 years from now

By Petronella Langita Felix & Aisyah Azzahra Suhiri  

KUCHING: Sarawak aspires to be a high income and advanced state by 2030.

In view of this, many Sarawakians are hopeful that in ten years’ time, there will be vast improvements in the state’s healthcare system.

They also hope there will be tremendous improvements in the sports industry, arts and culture by then.

Maria Enche Yusop

Maria Enche Yusop, healthcare personnel

I expect Sarawak to have more hospitals and healthcare centres to accommodate the needs of its growing population. It’s important for Sarawak to prepare for future pandemics. Establishing more medical institutions is essential for everyone’s health and safety.

Elnieshernie Endun Leo

Elnieshernie Endun Leo,international karate athlete

I look forward to more advanced training facilities for athletes, especially those representing Sarawak in national and international tournaments. 

Marzuki Tambi

Marzuki Tambi, CEO of Malaysian Association of Arts and Culture Activists Kuching (MACPA)

I hope rural folk, especially the younger generation who are interested in music, will have access to formal music lessons. This can help musicians make a living out of their talents. 

Nur Myshara Zulkarnain Harun

Nur Myshara Zulkarnain Harun, student

As a civil engineering student, I hope that Sarawak will have highly developed road infrastructure. It will be nice to see advanced road traffic systems in Sarawak in the next decade, especially in the urban areas where traffic congestion is very common.

Dayang Azlina Awang Alli

Dayang Azlina Awang Alli, deputy chief of Integrated Special Education Programme, SMK Asajaya

I wish to see more disability-friendly schools and higher education institutions in Sarawak. I expect the state to have more integrated schools which offer special education alongside formal education. I also hope that there will be more skill centres built exclusively for students with special needs so they have better chances of furthering their studies at the tertiary level.

Hasimah Sabu

Hasimah Sabu, primary school teacher

I hope Sarawak will continue producing competent educators to teach in schools. It is very important for educators to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually well-balanced. I also hope that Sarawak can produce more intelligent, skilful, confident, and healthy students in the future.