Bintangor firemen involved in SAR operation

The search radius (big circle) is where SAR personnel are focusing on to search for the victim while, the small circle is the SAR control post.

PAKAN: The Bintangor fire station’s canine unit has been roped in to help in the search and rescue (SAR) operation for a missing 63-year-old woman in Rumah Lingoh, Nanga Engkeranji, which entered its sixth day today.

With the inclusion of the K-9 Unit, the SAR operations now involved 55 personnel and two dogs, said the operations commander PPgB Nicholas Belulin.

Bululin said that the operations team found new clues, adding based on the clues “the victim was believed to have taken refuge and sitting under the shade of tree. They were also some visible signs of her footprints at Sungai Raba (creek), Nang Engkeranji.”

“The clue was about 2km from the victim’s last location at the foothill and the search focus will be around upstream of Raba creek,” he said.

The woman identified as Chemerai Mering, was reported missing last Sunday (Nov 15) after failing to return home from Pakan district welfare office.

The following day (Monday, Nov 16), Bintangor firefighters launched a SAR and one of the search parties managed to find the woman’s belonging on a 2km trail road, believed to be traversed by her.

Among the items discovered were a toothbrush, clothes, a torch light, medicines and a bag.