Dr Amin (second right) and Dr Azhar (second left) launch the DLP. Photo: Nadim Bokhari

KUCHING: The Dual Language Programme (DLP) for the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English next year was launched here yesterday.

Ministry of Education (MOE) director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin launched the programme together with the Sarawak Education Department director Dr Azhar Ahmad.

Dr Amin in his speech said, “Starting 2020, the DLP will be implemented for Primary 1 pupils in 1,048 primary schools.

“The implementation is in line with the Malaysian Education Development Plan (PPPM), 2013 to 2025 Proposition 2: to ensure that every student is proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and English in line with the Sarawak government’s efforts to drive the state’s economy to a high income status by 2030.”

He explained that the DLP implementation depended on the curriculum set by the ministry.

He also said there was no difference between the Science and Mathematics curriculum in Sarawak compared to other states. The difference was the use of English and Malay.  

“This Sarawak DLP implementation is certainly not going to diminish the importance of the Malay language as the national language,” he added.

Dr Amin (second right) and Dr Azhar (second left) launch the DLP. Photo: Nadim Bokhari

Dr Amin pointed out that all teachers played a role as the trigger agent for the DLP in Sarawak.

“Therefore, the government has designed various programmes and activities to ensure that the Science and Mathematics teachers in Sarawak are able to carry out the teaching and learning of both subjects in English,” he said.

Dr Azhar added the relevant teachers had undergone basic training.

“It is especially for teachers who will be teaching Year 1 class in 2020, with training modules provided by the Malaysian Teacher Education Institute (IPGM) and English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC).

“Such training was conducted from September to October 2019 involving 2,435 teachers and facilitators comprising 184 faculty members of the Campus Teacher Education Institute across Malaysia, 3 ELTC staff and 128 School Improvement Specialist Coaches (SISC+) Sarawak personnel.

“Teachers were also given additional training in English proficiency using an online training method followed by 40 hours supervised by ELTC and regulated by e-moderators appointed by ELTC,” he explained.

Azhar added that educational resources such as the DLP Curriculum and Assessment Standard Document (DSKP) developed by the Curriculum Development Division were important documents for the use of the teachers.

“In addition, textbooks and student activity books of the KPM issued are also used as teaching and learning (PdP) catalysts in the classroom.

“The State Education Department has also sought to provide supporting materials such as science and mathematics PdP videos in English with the help of the Education Technology Sector, State Education Department, by taking a teacher-to-teacher approach to prove the effectiveness of the Sarawak DLP,” he said.

About 500 educators, officers and government officials from Federal Education Ministry, State Education Department and District Education Office attended the launching ceremony yesterday morning.