Bodies of all three teenagers feared drowned found

SIBU: The bodies of two of the three missing teenagers who were feared to have drowned were recovered today.

Trance Gong, 14, and Nurul Syahiera Salam, 13, were discovered by a search and rescue (SAR) team on the third day of the operation, today.

Trance’s body was discovered at 7.20am and Nurul’s at 7.05am.

The bodies of Trance and Nurul being brought back by the SAR team.

Earlier, the body of Trisha Janggok, 12, was found on the second day of the operation on Thursday.

The three were feared to have drowned at Sungai Nanga Tutus, Sibu located in Rumah Augustine Meringgai Jana.

According to the state Fire and Rescue Station Department (Bomba) operation centre, they received a call at 4.10pm on Wednesday.

The two victims were found about 5km from the location where the victims jumped in the area of Rasau, near SMK Batang Igan.

The bodies of the victims were handed over to the police for further action. The operation ended at 8am.

The three teenagers were last seen on Wednesday washing laundry by the river jetty before deciding to jump into the river for a swim.

They climbed out of the river and jumped into it a second time, but they never resurfaced.