Body of Indonesian woman taken to morgue

Medical personnel wearing full set of PPE being seen carrying the body inside a body bag into a vehicle.

MIRI: A body of an Indonesian woman believed to have died for more than 24 hours was taken to Miri Hospital morgue for a post-mortem today.

The body was brought out from a hut of an orchard in Kampung Tukau where she was found by a team of healthcare workers wearing full set of personnel protective equipment (PPE) around 2.30pm.

Prior to the incident, the woman aged 47, was found lying motionless by her male acquaintance on Wednesday, inside the wooden hut.

According to sources, as the deceased had come here (Miri) without any proper document or permit, the male friend, upon the discovery, was worried and did not know what to do with the body.

He had decided to sleep next to the dead body before notifying his employer the next day (today).

Sources added that the deceased used bus to come here from her country of origin on November 14 and stayed inside the hut with her male friend.

Prior to her death, the deceased was reportedly having flu.