Body of missing fisherman found

Rescuers bring the victim’s body from the river to Dalat Hospital for further action.

OYA: The body of a missing fisherman feared to have been attacked by a crocodile last Friday, was recovered by rescuers on Sunday.

The victim identified as Alibaba Dahri, 52, was found by local folks around 5.50am in a river near Kampung Senau, about 8km from the control post.

Rescuers were immediately alerted to the scene to retrieve the body and brought it to Dalat Hospital for further action.

The search operations was later called off after the recovery of the body.

Earlier on Friday, the victim went out to Sungai Oya to catch shrimp at around 1am. After a while, local villagers saw the victim’s boat about to sink and there were no signs of the victim aboard.

Members of the victim’s family, who were informed, became worried and one of them lodged a missing person report.