Bottled petrol in high demand

Radiah's 1.5-liter bottled petrol costs RM4 per bottle.

KUCHING: Since the implementation of the movement control order (MCO) in March last year, the demand for bottled petrol, especially in areas far from petrol stations, has been very high.

Radiah shows her bottled petrol.

Bottled petrol trader Radiah Undi, aware of the villagers’ concern to get out of the house for fear of being infected with the Covid-19 virus, took the opportunity to sell bottled petrol to make it easier for villagers to obtain petrol supply.

“The community, including the rural population, is now increasingly aware of the importance of complying with the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Usually, villagers here will only go out to buy daily necessities at the grocery stores. If there is no need, we will stay at home to minimise the risk of infection which has recently increased significantly,” said the 65-year-old Kampung Buntal resident.

She added she will buy petrol using a 30-liter gallon, which will be refilled into 1.5-liter bottles and sold for RM4 per bottle.

According to her, all 30 litres of petrol will be depleted within two days with most of her customers being motorcycle owners, along with a few car and small boat (sampan) owners.

“The villagers prefer to buy petrol in small quantities because most of them will only travel around the village area.

A customer filling up his car’s gas tank with bottled petrol purchased from Radiah.

“The demand for bottled petrol since the MCO until now is very high; in fact, some people come to my house to buy petrol late at night.

“For me, selling bottled petrol is quite helpful for those in need as 24-hour petrol stations are no longer allowed to operate until late at night,” explained Radiah, adding that unsold petrol will be stored inside a store near her house to avoid any untoward incidents.