Bridge connects Medamit to Medahit

The construction of the temporary bridge by Lee Ling Timber Sdn Bhd. Photo: Ukas

LIMBANG: A private company, Lee Ling Timber Sdn Bhd, will build a temporary bridge here to connect the people of Medamit and Medahit.

Kampung Long Napir Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chairman Joshua Asong said the company took up the initiative after the collapse of the Sungai Setuan Bridge on Sunday.

“The construction of this temporary bridge is to help and facilitate access and communication of the villagers in the area affected by the collapsed bridge.

“However, it can only be used by small vehicles,” he told the State Public Communication Unit (Ukas) today.

Joshua added that Lee Ling Timber Sdn Bhd Company would repair the Sungai Setuan Bridge as soon as the building materials arrived.