Bringing digital world to Sungai Asap community

Masing (third right) being briefed by officials from Danawa Resources and Telbina Technology.

KUCHING: Digital infrastructure will be built to provide high speed Internet for the Sungai Asap community.

The project will benefit villages, schools, government offices and religious houses of worship in and around the area.

“Students will be able to attend online classes, banking can be done online and communication via various platforms can all be conducted conveniently,” said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Jemut Masing.

He was briefed by Danawa Resources managing director Rahman Sepawie and Telbina Technology managing director Jerriface Mason on the Sungai Asap digital village project today.

The project would provide high speed Internet of up to 100Mbps, enabling them to participate in the state’s digital ecosystem.

“It will also simplify and accelerate global knowledge and ICT applications to aid the rural community embrace digital economy.

“The community can also utilise digital money transactions via application like Sarawak Pay.”

“We can then extend the same digital village to other communities like in Kapit, Bukit Mabong and other areas,” Masing said.