KUCHING: Sacofa Sdn Bhd, the ICT infrastructure company that has been tasked with delivering on the State’s ambitious telecommunications and broadband coverage targets, today spoke about the important role that broadband connectivity will play in the future of Sarawak’s tourism drive and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to ensuring quality, reliable broadband access in Sarawak’s tourism hotspots, is given priority.

Sacofa has already completed infrastructure work to ensure plug-and-play wifi access is available at the Sarawak Cultural Village (host venue for the globally renowned Rainforest World Music Festival and Harvest Festival) and the Damai Beach area.

Sacofa has installed a capacity of up to 1Gbps at Sarawak Cultural Village.This area can now enjoy free plug-and-play wifi access, which will enhance the overall offering and experience.

Speaking at the RWMF site inspection by Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak, Datuk Abdul Karim Hamzah, Sacofa’s managing director, Zaid Zaini said, “There are two perspectives to look at here. Firstly, from the visitor perspective and secondly from the industry perspective. Communications and broadband access is no-longer a luxury, it is fast becoming a must-have enabler of lives and enhancer of lifestyles. 

“Visitors now not only want to be present at events and create memories, they also want the ability to instantly share those experiences with their friends and loved ones.”

“From an industry perspective connectivity allows smaller tourism players to tap into a global audience as well. Handicrafts producers, homestay operators and independent tour-guides can now bridge the digital divide and showcase their offerings in conjunction with major events like RWMF and Harvest Festival. We all know that Sarawak has so much to offer in the way of tourism and this will help us connect with our potential visitors.”

According to Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Abdul Karim Hamzah,” I’m pleased to note that good infrastructure is now available at such a major location in Sarawak. I trust the benefits that arise from this will be harnessed by the tourism sector and help showcase Sarawak to the World. I also thank Sacofa and the management team for agreeing to sponsor 1Gbps internet speed in support of The State’s major Tourist events”.

Sacofa will continue to lay the infrastructure foundations to provide wifi plug and play access in tourism attraction zones in Sarawak.

Sacofa is working hard to realise the State’s ambitious connectivity targets because we understand the power of connectivity as a social facilitator and as a business catalyst.