Budget should also focus on disabled

Rapelson Richard Hamit

KUCHING: Budget 2021 should be exclusive and comprehensive for all walks of life in Malaysia without the need to make Employees Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawals.

“This is because not everyone is an EPF contributor such as masseurs, street musicians (buskers), labourers, farmers, fishermen, and street hawkers, who do not have EPF savings.

“If the EPF contributors are allowed to make withdrawals, they should be given the option to do so,” said Persatuan Anak Istimewa Sarawak (Perais) president Rapelson Richard Hamit in a statement on Thursday (Nov 5).

He also suggested once again that the moratorium on vehicle, housing, personal loans and so on be extended for six months in view of many losing their jobs during the pandemic.

In addition, Rapelson stressed that the Budget should be more about creating employment and opportunities, economic recovery and also the quality of life of the people affected by the pandemic.

He also suggested that the monthly assistance for the disabled be reviewed for all disabled people registered with the Social Welfare Department (JKM) regardless of their income.

Apart from that, assistance for the disabled, who are hospitalised and bed-ridden, should be given more attention immediately.

Rapelson also requested that economic grants and grants for registered organisations, associations and clubs be provided to assist them in moving forward, especially grants for disabled organisations as well as business and economic launch grants for the disabled.

“Budgets for rural road connection, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, should also be taken into account in order to boost various agricultural-based economies and the development of local economic activities due to the rural population.

“This cannot be done without good road connection to improve their economic status and livelihoods plus the cost of living is burdensome during the pandemic.”