Build wall now to prevent illegal entry

Kapitan Kang Boon Eong
Kapitan Kang Boon Eong

MUKAH: Any plan to construct a proper boundary wall separating Malaysia (along the Sarawak border) from Indonesia needs to be implemented soon to solve the problem of illegal trails (jalan tikus), a local community leader has suggested.

Kapitan Kang Boon Eong said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Jemut Masing had previously mentioned the idea of constructing the boundary wall, following many cases of illegal entry from the Indonesian border into Sarawak.

“It is better late than never, because we want to prevent outsiders from entering Sarawak illegally, who may spread Covid-19 in the state,” he said on Tuesday (Aug 3).

He said it was reported previously that a number of Covid-19 positive cases were imported, involving illegal immigrants from the neighbouring country.

Kang explained that if there was a proper boundary wall, it would be easier for the authorities to monitor, including using drones, the movement of people from either side of the border.

He also suggested that the authorities be strict in dealing with illegal entry issue, including imposing heavier penalty on convicted offenders.

Kang pointed out that the authorities needed to be farsighted in dealing with the pandemic, as far as imported cases and illegal immigrants as well as illegal trails were concerned.